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Illinois Residential Long Distance

This state offers customers some of the lowest rates available anywhere in the country, thanks to high levels of competition. If only the rest of the country's regulators followed Illinois' lead, telecom service would be even more affordable across the board.

Free cell phones and mobile services are also available. Each column below describes a different long distance calling plan. Click here for's ratings of the companies we represent.

Looking for business long distance rates in Illinois? Click here.

Residential Plans in Illinois Residential Calling Plans for Illinois Customers
ECG Signup** Telrite Signup* PNG Signup
Interstate (State-to-state) 2.5¢ Click For Rates 5.9¢
Intrastate/Intralata (In-state) 3.1¢ Click For Rates 5.4¢
Calling Card 12.9¢ Click For Rates 12.9¢
Personal Toll-Free Interstate (State-to-state) 2.5¢ Click For Rates 5.9¢
Personal Toll-Free Intrastate/Intralata (In-state) 3.1¢ Click For Rates 5.4¢
Monthly Billing Fee $0 $0 $0
Avoid Monthly Fee By Spending At Least... $0 $0 $0

Billing Increments
6 Sec. billing saves about 10-15% off the cost of Full Minute billing on average (not calling card)

6 Sec. 6 Sec. 6 Sec.
Requires Switching Long Distance Carrier Yes Yes Yes
Covers Local Fee For Switching Long Distance Carrier? Usually No Usually No Yes
Monthly PIC-C Fee  $0 $0 $0
Details/Notes ECG Details Telrite Details PNG Details
Signup ECG Signup Telrite Signup PNG Signup
Questions? ECG Questions Telrite Questions PNG Questions

* Telrite - Prices quoted are for most customers of Bell South, Qwest, SBC, and Verizon. Click Here and enter your phone number to see what rates are available in your area.

** ECG - You can get these rates with no monthly billing fee if you choose ECG's Easy Pay and Easy Bill options.

Company Ratings
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  ECG Telrite PNG
Customer Service      
Switching Over      
Network Quality      
Ease of Ordering      

   Excellent    Above Average    Average    Below Average    Poor

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