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With globalization, you have your relatives spread wide and far round the world. Also, traveling abroad has become a very common factor these days. But the problem faced here is the highly priced long distance phone charges. There are many ways by which one can call long distance. Phone calls can be made from the mobile, land line, VOIP services and using calling cards. There are even free VOIP services easily available ut the call quality is very poor.

The long distance phone calls made from your land phone or mobile will cost you a fortune as it is very over priced these days. This is actually the traditional long distance calling option, but due to the price factor, people are increasingly going for other better and cheaper options. It is for this reason that people now turn towards the cheaper VoIP services which enables one to make calls from PC to any land line or cell number in the world at a much cheaper rate. The rates vary from each service provider, but basically it is affordable, even though one will have to compromise on the call quality and time lag problems occasionally. Also, the restriction that one had to be in front of the computer while making the call is also another disadvantage.

A new technology has been developed in the name of 1buttontoWiFi which takes away this limiting factor of VoIP calls. This helps you to use your phone to make long distance calls just as VoIP service with cheap call rates. You can now make cheap calls even when you are away from home from your mobile phone.

Another most commonly used method to make cheap long distance calls is calling cards. With calling cards, anyone can make calls from his mobile phone, land phone, hotel and even a phone booth. When making long distance calls, one must buy international calling card. There are many long distance calling cards providers and they offer different rates to different locations. Based on your special requirement, you can choose the best option suited to you.

YFirst get an idea of the place that you make the most minutes of long distance phone calls. Based on this, you can choose the service provider who has the cheapest rate for calls to that location. Make sure that you get a look at some reviews of the service provider before you buy your calling card. You can even try by buying calling cards of small value and if you are satisfied with the service, then go on with it.

Last Update: 7/25/2011
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