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2.5 a minute interstate!

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ECG is Enhanced Communications Group, based in Bartlesville. OK. They are a good long distance company.

Six Second Billing
ECG bills in six second increments. For those who don't know what six-second billing means, if you're calling long distance for 18 seconds, you only get billed for 0.3 minutes. You don't get billed for a full minute as you do with other companies. Minimum call length 6 seconds for domestic calls.

No Monthly Billing Fees
ECG has no monthly billing fees.

Calling Card Setup Fee
ECG charges a one-time calling card setup fee of 99.

Click here for more information about why the FCC requires us to collect PIC-C fees on business accounts.

ECG charges no Residential PIC-C fees.

Business PIC-C fees are no charge for one line, and $3.75 for multiple lines.

Business or Personal Toll-Free Service
Personal toll-free access is also available at the same rates as for regular long distance. (See our home page and click on your state for specific rates.) Use a personal toll-free number when you're away from home and want to call home. You simply dial your assigned toll-free number and your home phone rings. It's great for spouses away on business, college students who want to call home, or extended family members and friends who live outside your local calling area.

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