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This plan has conferencing rates anyone can afford. Large conferences? They're okay, too! Crystal clear quality. Get everyone on the same page for pricing anyone can afford. How affordable is it? How about 8 cents/min for direct dial-in! Or 11 cents/min for toll-free dial-in! This is for our Instant Access plan. There are no setup fees, and you can do a conference anytime you want to. There's no pre-scheduling required. Free benefits include ASAP/Last minute reservations, Broadcast-Listen Only Session, Entry/Exit announcements, Secured Conference, and Sub conferencing.

Other services available for additional fees include operator assisted conferences, web meetings complete with online web show and web conferencing, backdoor communications lines, coordinator monitoring, digital rebroadcast, participation notifications, managed Q&A, tape/CD/WAV recording, and transcription services.


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