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Save up to 95% on international phone cards

International calling cards

Call over 200 countries for as little as 0.9¢ per minute. These international calling cards are priced at $10 per card and give you the lowest rates available anywhere on the Internet. These are high quality calls with no connection fee, so not only do yo save money, but you do so without giving up call quality.

A calling card should be the last worry on your mind. These phone cards provide the cheapest long distance prices to over 200 countries. Call the world at a discount. Use this call card for online phone cards. After all, a phone card shouldn't just be another international calling card. International calling cards should be functional as international phone cards as well. A good international phone card is not just another long distance card, because long distance cards, or telephone cards as they are sometimes called, are not just world phone cards. It is a telephone card that serves as both an online phone card, a long distance phone card, and the cheapest phone card around.

So don't just choose any telephone card. Choose long distance phone cards that save you money!

Here are a few things to look for when you want to buy phone cards. Don't just choose us because we offer the cheapest phone cards. Buy a phone card that can be used as an online calling card, a world calling card, a long distance calling card, and a prepaid calling card. All prepaid calling cards do not all have the same network quality or availability. Cloncom long distance calling cards have a much better track record than other prepaid international calling cards. So be sure to pick a prepaid international phone card that offers you the most value for your money, the most bang for your buck, euro, yen, or yuan.

And when you're considering which prepaid international phone cards, think of us first. Not only are our cards so handy and quick to buy online, but they are also the cheapest calling cards around. All online calling cards are not the same. We are living proof.

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