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Are you tired of paying high prices for cell phone plans with contracts that charge you exorbitant prices to leave? You're not alone. Many people have grown tired of these tactics by the bigger companies. As the result, some enterprising businesses have created unlimited cell phone plans. Let's look at some examples.

Boostmobile has a $50 a month plan. With it, you get unlimited nationwide talk, text, web, 411 service, IM, and email and no contract. You also get voicemail, long distance, and call waiting with no charge. You do not have to make consecutive payments. If you miss a payment, you do not have to start over. All your on-time payments will still be available as well as any milestones you have accrued. You can receive international text messages but you must pay 10 cents per message to send. As an incentive to continue with them, if you stay longer, you can shrink that payment to as low as $35 per month.

T-Mobile is another example. They have three unlimited plans. The first one gives you unlimited talk and text for $99 per month. The second one gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 2 GB of data for $139 per month. The third gives you all of the above except you get 5 GB of data. You get unlimited T-Mobile calling, and unlimited nights and weekends. The only disadvantage is you must agree to a two-year contract. That is a definite disadvantage over some of the other plans such as Boostmobile and Cricket.

Let's look at Cricket. All plans from Cricket are unlimited. That means you can call anytime, anywhere, within Cricket's coverage area. You get call waiting, long distance, 3 way calling, caller id, call forwarding, voice mail, and unlimited international text to and from select countries. These additional features depend on which phone you decide to purchase. For everything mentioned above, you pay $55 per month. If you just want the basics, it will cost you $35 a month. This is all with no signed contracts and not other hidden gimmicks. Finally, if you order a phone from them, you get free overnight shipping.

Several companies including those described above have responded to the need of some customers to have an unlimited cell phone plans that do not include contracts, and meets all their needs. You no longer have to be limited to what the big boys offer. You can have it all for a low price and no contracts.

Last Update: 7/29/2011
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