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Track A Cell Phone?

Before You Do It, Consider The Risks vs The Rewards

You might have heard that it is possible to track a cell phone, but have you ever wondered how it is possible? Well, it can be done lot of ways, but in many jurisdictions it is not legal to track a cell phone. Still it can be done. If you have a Global Positioning System [GPS] enabled cell phone, which is typical of what is available in today's market, then you can track it. Nowadays, it is easier than you think to track a cell phone, and a lot of software applications are available to track them.

To track a cell phone means to find out the exact location of a person or that particular cell phone in detail. One particularly useful application for such a service is if you lose the phone. If you want to track a cell phone, whether your own, your friend's, or anyone else's, software is available on the Internet. If you are an Android user, just do a search on "Android tracker software", and you'll find some downloadable options. Many of these options require the permission of the phone's owner. So it is up to that person whether they want you to track them or not. If they accept it, than you are allowed to track them, and know where they are at any particular time.

There are also online services that will offer this service; they will charge you to track a cell phone for you. If you are tracking someone via software installed on your cell phone, be cautious as your information is also going out. You can also be tracked down!

It is one thing to know where your friends or family members are and what they are doing or whom they are visiting, but it can also be a problem if you are invading someone's privacy. Use such tools responsibly and carefully.

Last Update: 7/30/2011
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