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Three Ways To Track A Cell Phone Location

A Guide For Making The Right Choice

We are enveloped within an exciting era. Technology is moving at a near-lightening fast pace; there are new innovations being actualized every day. These technological advancements can make it easy for the average person to track a cell phone. Hard to believe? It shouldn't be. Using the tools that we have, most will be surprised what can be feasibly be done. Whether your cell phone is lost or stolen, or you need to track the location of somebody that you know, this guide provides comprehensive to pinpoint the exact location of a cell phone.

Option One: Know the Cell Phone

This step is comprised of knowledge of the cell phone- what cell phone carrier, or whether it has a GPS chip. You may need to know these things to facilitate the process of tracking the phone. If it has a GPS chip, you can use that to quickly find the location. Knowing the cell phone carrier can possibly assist in the tracking of the phone. If you know the cell phone that you're tracking, you can discover its location seamlessly. Before one can utilize the subsequent tips, he must be privy to the accessories of his phone. It will help with evading flustering dilemmas and obstacles.

Option 2: Use a Location—Based Service Provider

For a small price, these services can provide the location of the cell phone. Mologogo, for instance, is a popular service. There are others like or Accutracking OR that accomplish the same task. Often, the phone will have to be registered with these programs for the service to work. So, if you need the location in a hurry (and the phone is not registered), this might not be the optimal option.

Option 3: Use Google

Unless you've been residing in a cave for the past decade, you have realized that Google is an omnipresent tool and can really be tailored to a plethora of needs. Google Maps (or Latitude), can find the phone you need. Also, it is much simpler than the other trackers. Google Latitude is basically intertwined with Google Maps--an added and updated feature for the application. First, get the Latitude app on your mobile phone. Once you do this, go to the home page. After doing so, you will see a box where you can place the number of the cell phone you want to track. Once you do this, you can label the phone with the name of the owner and "Voila," you're done. You will see the exact location of the phone, and if the phone is moving, you will know where it is going with Google Maps. Sounds too simple? Well, it is; that's the good thing. You want simplicity if you're trying to accomplish a task, and Google certainly helps to enable this.

In closing, having a GPS chip installed on the phone helps, especially if you're going to use outside services like Accutracking, or Mologogo or Buddyway. However, the best and most simple of ways is to use one of the world's utilitarian of tools: Google.

Last Update: 8/5/2011
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