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Most of us use cell phones now days. They are a revolution in communication for this century. Of course, we want the best phone and the best plan we can find. The major phone companies and their marketing practices are increasingly disturbing many people. Especially onerous are the lengthy contracts and penalties for moving to something better. Because of this, some alternative companies are popping up. They offer better deals, and they are becoming very popular.

One such company is Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a registered trademark of "Trackfone" and sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores. Straight Talk differs from Trackfon in that it is a monthly plan, while Trackfone traditionally offers a pay-as-you-go system. Like their forerunners Cricket and others, Straight Talk offers unlimited minutes, messages, and data for $45 per month without a contract. Since they have no contract, they use different incentives to get you to continue service.

In the case of Straight Talk, you can give them a credit card, and they will make sure you pay automatically on time every month you continue service with them. They will be happy to send you advanced notice every month that you charge is coming due. Of course, you can cancel anytime without penalty.

You are thinking, yes but most of these kinds of companies have a limited supply of phones, and they aren't very good. That is not true for Straight Talk. You can get the most modern Smartphones from companies such as Nokia and Samsung. You can get the Nokia E 71 for $200. That compares with most major phone companies such as Verzon, AT&T, and Sprint. It comes with 3G, Full QWERTY Keyboard, IM Instant Messaging, Multiple Email Accounts, Free Voice-guide navigation, 3.2 Megapixel Camera and Video Recorder, 4GB, MicroSD Card Included, Music Player (cable not included), Mobile Web Services, and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.

If you are looking for a new phone or you want to get away from contracts and high penalty costs for leaving that company to get a better deal, you can go with a Straight Talk cell phone. You get the convenience of unlimited everything, only $45 per month as long as you want, without a contract, and the convenience of just going to your local Wal-Mart to pick it up. The costs for phones are comparable with that other company you just left. You can order it online, and they will ship it ground for free. It is the better way to buy a cell phone.

Last Update: 8/1/2011
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