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Is Big Brother Watching?

Today it seems almost every government agency wants to know what you are doing. It is almost as if they think you are "up to something," all the time.

We’ve got the Patriot Act, where many of you are supposed to give up some of your freedom in the name of safety. Your car is subject to a search every time some "peace officer" stops you on the highway. You even have to present them with "your papers, please" when they stop you just about anywhere these days. What does that remind you of? Now we have reverse cell phone lookup.

You’re gonna like this little beauty. You can find someone’s name, address, and other "related information" by just their cell phone number. Now this might come in handy if you really need that persons address or "other related info" for emergency purposes. However, what about that person that wants to do you harm or take something from you like your hard-earned money?

Information theft is a big business these days. Some companies such as LifeLock are making but bucks by "protecting" you from these baddies.

Here’s one example I found. This is a company called Cell Phone (A better name would be For nothing but that favorite person’s cell phone number, you can get the following information:

  1. Phone owner first and last name
  2. Mobile carrier and line type
  3. Household members and relatives
  4. Phone owner present and previous addresses
  5. Date of birth, average income, and home value
  6. And more.

And More? Use your imagination about what that means. They probably include your bra size and the amount of toilet paper you use! They conveniently add this lil bit if info.

"Please Note: You can do unlimited reverse phone lookups for free and find out basic details, such as the phone number's issuing location and phone line type / cell phone provider. Owner information for unlisted and mobile numbers is not free."

And to finish it off, they add this little paragraph.

"Do you need to listen in on your partner's cell phone conversations and read his or her text messages? Do you want to track the whereabouts of your child at any time? Then you need to use a Cell Phone Spy Software that you can easily install on any mobile phone and keep track of the phone owner's activities at any moment in time."

Click on this and you go to a website that offers a bit of software that allow you to " listen to live calls via blue tooth, extract sms text messages, view photos, (remember the party you weren’t suppose to go to) and read call logs.

Is there no privacy anymore? Definitely not, if you use a cell phone.

Last Update: 7/24/2011
Web Author: Walt Thiessen

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