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More of the same craziness

This past weekend I wrote about the incredibly shady cell phone lookup service industry and showed how most of these so-called "services" are either not reliable, not ethical, or both. I also received some good feedback about those articles from people thanking me for sharing my research with them.

Since then, I discovered that there's another twist used in their sordid industry, with companies offering what they call reverse cell phone lookup. It made me wonder what the reverse part of the phrase meant. I learned, not surprisingly, that there was no difference at all.

Apparently, the term reverse cell phone lookup is a derived term which means that they claim to be able to look someone up by entering their cell phone number. The theory is that most people would lookup someone's cell number by looking for them by name, so a reverse lookup would do just the opposite and lookup up the cell owner's name by entering his cell phone number into the system. Of course, the reality is that none of them (except one) ask you to enter the first and last name. They all ask for the cell phone number, and the sole exception (that I checked out) who does ask for the first and last name shows you results that aren't even accurate!

Even worse, if you do a search on "cell phone lookup", you end up with a very similar set of results as you would get if you simply entered "cell phone lookup" with the word "reverse" appended to the beginning, like this: "reverse cell phone lookup". You also get many of the same results if you search for "free cell phone lookup" services. You basically get just the same list of suspicious players, and their "services" are just as suspect as the original bunch I talked about in my cell phone lookup article series.

So once again, my advice is the same. Run as far as you can from these shady outfits who are not only overpriced but also potentially dangerous to the safety of your private, personal information such as your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, social security number, etc.

Last Update: 7/18/2011
Web Author: Walt Thiessen

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