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Let us look at the benefits

With postpaid plans, applying for cell phone service involved tedious procedures where you had to give your contact information, sign a contract, and commit to a term of service. This includes checking the credit details of the customer. Newer innovations and advancements are taking place in the cell phone connectivity arena to make it more usable. Now, all the fuss of acquiring service can be avoided with no contract cell phone plans. With these easy-to-go cell phone plans, you do not have to bother with filling out contract forms to get connected.

As the name suggests, with a no contract connection, the customer does not have to enter into a contract to open a new connection with the service provider. When the customer chooses a contract based connection, he will have to do enough of research about the provider and how useful it will be in the long term. They are usually one to two year contracts during which the customer cannot cancel the contract without paying a substantial penalty. With 'no contract' connectivity, the user can easily switch from one provider to another if he is not satisfied with it.

A person can possess more than one 'no contract' cell phone plan at a time. If a service provider has free calls offer and another has unlimited SMS service, then the customer can use both these connections at the same time. People also resort to no contract cell phone plans if they are being constantly disturbed by prank calls. You can easily change your number if you are facing such disturbances. If you are running a certain business campaign for a limited period of time, then you can use a specific no contract mobile number for that period and then dispose of the number after that. This will make sure that you will not be disturbed by related calls after the business campaign is over.

People on a low budget can opt for these prepaid plans, where the monthly payment is made upfront and calls can be made only until this limit is reached. There are also pre-paid cell phone plans that have unlimited calling minutes at a specific time of the day or to a certain number. This can help to reduce your bill considerably.

Last Update: 8/19/2011
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