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Bills are like termites—always eating away. They're inexorable little monsters that can consume your funds, leaving you virtually broke, scouring for viable methods to cut costs. Phone bills tend to be the biggest of all (though you unconsciously deny this when you spend hours every night talking to your friends or sending hundreds of text messages.) Before you know it, the bill is hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, rendering you dumbfounded as to how to pay. With the internet, however, there are ways to actually circumvent this. Before you know it, you may actually have a modest bill.

Option 1: Use Skype

Skype has been prominent for several years now and for good reasons. Yes, there are instances where you will be required to pay-- if you call a phone that is outside the Skype network. In layman's terms: you will have a Skype account but if you call a phone that isn't a Skype account you will have to purchase Skype credit. However, if you do call someone with a Skype account, the call will be free. You will be able to make video calls (also free) and scribble text messages (awesome.) The great thing about skype is that you can install it on your smartphone, so you won't have adhere to your desktop or lug your laptop around.

Skype is the future (they've recently teamed with Facebook to enable video chat on the social network's website. Definitely use this for your advantage.

Option Two: Google Voice

Its features are in the same region as Skype's. The thing that elevates it above Skype is that you can call or text mobile for no costs. To activate Google Voice, you will need a Gmail account-- this is also free. As with Skype, you can install Voice on your mobile phone as an application. You will be given a Google number, and if there are any incoming calls, they will be forwarded to this number. The amazing thing: it doesn't matter how long the duration of the call is. You can talk for hours nonstop without as much as a hiccup in the service. Many are flocking to this service every day.

Option Three: Use Assurance Wireless or SafeLink Wireless

These services are subsidized by the government. To use it, one must qualify for Medicaid or other state-assistance programs. And, as the world economy continues to plummet, these are becoming all the more useful for those who cannot afford to have a cell phone plan. For Assurance Wireless, 250 free voice minutes are added to a phone. To be able to text, you would pay a small monthly fee.

All three of these choices demonstrate the practicality of the internet. With Skype, you can video chat. With Google Voice, you can call anyone for no costs. With the subsidized services, you can have hundreds of minutes to your win. Whichever you choose, there is absolutely nothing to lose.

Last Update: 8/5/2011
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