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More of the same invasion of privacy stuff

After finishing my other article on the same subject, An Exploration of Online Cell Phone Lookup Services, I decided to see if any of them were claiming to offer the service free of charge. So I did a new Google search on "free cell phone lookup" services.

It turns out that they are not giving anything away, even though they claimed to. Indeed many of the top results are the same as for "cell phone lookup" without the word "free" attached.

I did manage to find two that were different in the list of the top five. The first was WYTY which apparently stands for nothing at all. I'm guessing this is run by someone who grabbed the domain name,, probably for a fee, because it was short. They even named their company, WYTY, Inc., after the domain name. Beyond that, however, this appears to be little more than yet another privacy invader.

However, this is a shyster with a sense of humor. When I entered my cell phone number, the splash screen that followed to inform me they were doing the search said, "Stay connected after you cut the cord." Then, as if to prove what the real value of the word "free" is, they reported that they couldn't find my number! They immediately followed this lame result with a poll which asked, "Would you recommend this paid service to others?" Hey, wait a minute, what do you mean "paid" service? This page came up under FREE cell phone lookups. Are you kidding me? Not only did I reply that I wouldn't recommend the service, but I found that they were searching using my old friend Intelius, the viper from my previous article who promised to protect my identity for a monthly fee while simultaneously selling my private info to the public.

I looked at their poll results, and nearly 19,000 people had not only tried it but had said they would recommend it to others. Only 861 (including my vote, apparently) said they would not. Well, at least now I know that these shyster services attract a lot of public interest. I wonder how many people who tried it didn't even take their poll? Probably tons more than took it. This means they've gotten hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of visitors who tried their page under the false advertising of a "free" lookup.

The next con artist on my list of "free cell lookup" services to be reviewed was Now THAT'S a scary name. Not only are they promising to reveal unpublished numbers, they're actually bragging about it in their domain and company name. Their description is particularly brazen. It again emphasizes the "free" service they are offering in their headline, "Free Cell Phone Number Look Up", then says, "Do not pay a subscription fee to ANY website before comparing our results first!" Then, when you click the link for their VIP Cell Phone Number Look Up, they don't even give you a place to enter the cell phone number. Instead, they ask you to login after registering with a $69 fee before they'll even do the free search! This has to be the worst "free" offer I've ever seen.

So the bottom line remains the same. Run as far from these so-called services as you can get!

Last Update: 7/16/2011
Web Author: Walt Thiessen

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