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Compare Cell Phone Plans Before Choosing the Right One for You

Money is precious and we try to save money in every possible way that we can. By critically examining and comparing the various cell phone plans available, one can make the right choice depending on the personal requirements.

There are a wide range of cell phone service providers and each has different cell phone plans. There are many cell phone plans which will lure the customers with their low priced plans but eventually the customer will end up paying huge amounts for every extra service that he avails from the service provider. Usually people just look the price that the service provider states and falls for it. They fail to evaluate the package plans and its terms and conditions, especially the hidden terms.

First thing is that you have to get an idea about your call minutes and texting requirements. Choose the right plan based on this. When you go for low priced plans, the call minutes will be too low and when your calls exceed this limit, you will be charged double. When you have your requirements set, then you can search for the various options from the different service providers.

Verizon Wireless is ranked as the top cell phone service provider. But the problem with their service is the high price factor. But area reception is their key advantage. You will very likely get coverage wherever you go with Verizon service. They also have special packages that offer unlimited minutes within the network.

T–Mobile is another popular service provider and is well known for their cheap plans. But, their range factor is not very consistent and in some locations, the call quality is very poor. Roaming is free with T-Mobile and also long distance is all also affordable. It has been ranked Numero Uno for their customer service.

Alltel has a great offer running which allows you to choose 10 numbers, either landline or mobile and calls to these numbers can be made free of cost. But the provider has a range problem and the major reason why it has not been preferred much by customers in spite of their great offer.

There are also text message packages provided by most service messages which has bulk discounts over certain number of text messages. Keep a keen watch for certain offers which will be available only for a small period of time like night free calls or weekend free calls.

Last Update: 7/25/2011
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