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Arenít cell phones wonderful? You no longer have to be tied to that corded device in your home for communicating. You donít have to "rush home" to make an import call. If grandma is stuck along the road, she can call for help right away rather than having to flag down a passing car. You can just call your spouse and get that missing item on the list you took to the grocery store. Of course, you have to have a cell phone and a plan to go along with it. Which plan do you choose?

You have a large variety of plans that have hundreds of phone selections. How do you find the cheapest plan? One of the best places to start is right at home and right on your computer. Just type in "cheap cell phone plans" into a search engines such as Google, and you will get a variety of plans you can get for very little and most have no contracts.

Here is an example:

Boostmobile is one of the major competitors. You can get a Samsung Galaxy. You have unlimited calls for $50 a month. That includes no contract. With the "Shrinkage Plan," Boost will lower your monthly payment by $5 for every 6 on-time payments. Those payments do not have to be consecutive.

Another alternative is to go to your favorite store such as Best Buy. There you can look at the phones, and get some very good info from the sales associate on which plans is the cheapest. Of course, the type of plan they have and your location will be the deciding factors.

Another excellent way is to ask your friends or get on a social site and ask those there about the cheapest cell phone plans. Almost everyone has had an experience with cell phone plans and can give you good advice on which ones are good and which one are not so good.

Whether you are just looking for a phone for Grandma or mother as an emergency phone, getting one for your daughter who is going off to college or wanting a cheap one for yourself, there are many options.

Looking on the internet is the fastest way to get the variety you need to make the best choice on where to get the cheapest cell phone plans and the phones to go along with them.

Now grandma can take that trip and not have to worry about being in contact with the important people in her life, and it wonít cost her that much at all.

Last Update: 7/24/2011
Web Author: Walt Thiessen

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