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What Is It All About?

Cell phone tracking is a modern technology that allows you to track the exact position of any mobile phone anywhere, anytime. Cell phone tracking is basically a method of confirming the present position of a mobile phone. There are many reasons why cooperate managers or individuals may want to track activities of others. Locating lost phone or tracking your love ones are two of the applications of cell phone tracking. Mobile phone tracking technology uses a latitude and longitude mapping system that triangulate data between the mobile phone and the mobile phone tracking service. Many companies now offer phone tracking services with a variety of options and features.

There are many methods of tracking a mobile phone, but basically they all use the signal communication between the cell phone and nearest the network tower. This is done either through GPS or multilateration of radio signals between the mobile phone and the network terminal. Signal communication occurs between a cell phone and the base station closest to it. Tracking technology can determine the last signal sent from the mobile phone to the closest base station through the strength signal. Through the use of triangulation algorithms, the distance between the mobile phone and the network terminal can be calculated. Mobile phone GPS or Global Positioning System locator was created by U.S. Defense researchers. It is the most widely used navigation system worldwide. GPS can not only track the location of a mobile phone but can also locate important places. It is also utilized in vehicles, motorcycles and on planes to track locations and direct movement. The basic principle of GPS technology is triangulation of the position of the mobile phone with two distinctive landmarks.

Modern cell tracking can now track all activities done on both phones and computers through the use of software. They can track call details, internet activities, instant messages, application activities, exact phone location, and many other activities. Most of the modern services make use of phone applications or software program. More recently, cell phone tracking software can track live activities and perform surveillance on cell phones.

The service of cell phone tracking is now available through telecommunication companies or other service providers. Cell phone tracking has many advantages, both for commercial and personal uses. There are many reasons for mobile phone tracking:

  • To track a stolen cell phone
  • To locate your kids
  • To know the location of nearby police stations or hospitals.
  • To help employers know the location of their employee or in cases of emergency.

Last Update: 8/17/2011
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