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The Significance Of Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

It has pluses and minuses

A cell phone reverse lookup consists of a database of cell numbers that carry information regarding the customer. These databases contain sensitive information including names and addresses of the owners. The process can be called by different names. Some people term it a reverse telephone directory or criss-cross directory.

This controversial process allows its users to access customer information by the use of a cell phone number. The information is provided to the FBI and police for emergency situations. They maintain the right to access both private and public numbers. Such information can also be viewed by 'phreakers' or phone hackers. This leads the public to question how safe their numbers and personal details are.

In the USA, landline owners can pay to have their numbers removed from the public directory. Their number will appear to others as an unpublished number. The fee for this ranges from about one to two dollars. Cell phone providers try to offer their users the same amount of privacy. Each cellular provider has a different database. For now, cellular numbers cannot be found in the 411 system.

With the accessibility of information through the internet, many subscribers worry about how to keep themselves safe. There are many websites that offer access into the grey directory. These sites can offer you a peek into cell phone and landline directories. Even unlisted numbers can be accessed by this search engine. Most charge a fee.

Although many individuals would like to gain access to important details of other people, they are still nervous about having their information available in the same manner. When attempting to access sites like those mentioned, a person has to be extremely vigilant to avoid becoming a victim. It would be best if a person did not attempt to access information like this over the web. Some lookups are GPS enabled and will put you and the person you are looking up at risk. This has been used by law enforcement agencies and private detectives to reveal the whereabouts of suspects and fugitives. Even journalists can gain access to these types of databases.

Last Update: 7/31/2011
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