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Consider these popular options before you make your choice

We are all familiar with cell phones now. We use them for mundane tasks such as regular communication. Some of us use them for emergencies. Others have the smart phones and use them for all kinds of things to include keeping finances straight to checking the weather for the next several days. Some even choose to replace the old familiar home phone with a cell phone.

In order to have a cell phone, you have to have a “provider.” A provider is a company that furnishes the signal that your phone picks up to make it work.

There are various cell phone providers. Most of them started when cell phones first started. Most provided regular telephone service. When cell phones came along, they diversified into cell phones in addition to regular service.

You are familiar with most of them.

The old standby, AT&T is firmly in the cell phone business. They even offer 4g service in some areas and with some phones.

They have the standard; get a free phone with your plan, deal. You get unlimited cell-to-cell calling. They have a wide variety of plans to include individual and family plans.

Next is Verizon.

Verizon has a huge network covering just about everywhere in the U.S. You can get a free phone with some of their plans as long as you are willing to sign a 2-year contract. They also have buy-on-get-one-free plans. If you buy online, you get shipping free.

Sprint comes next.

Sprint has the usual free phone with your plan. They emphasize the data aspect of your plan since they are big on a 4G network. They offer a plan called the “Everything Plan.” With it you get unlimited voice calls, unlimited web access, and unlimited text for only $99.99. Of course, they have a myriad of other plans as well.

Finally, we’ll talk about Cricket.

Cricket, a cell phone provider, came along as an alternative to the contract plans of most other services. Cricket has an unlimited plan for $60 which includes unlimited voice and digital? It also includes 100 roaming minutes, which come in handy when you are traveling. They also have pay-as-you-go, plans as well. Their phones range from fifty dollars to one hundred and thirty dollars. Only one phone has the data capability you want in a smart phone. The big advantage is you do not have a contract. If you like some other phone that has just come out, you can go else ware.

Today, if you want a cell phone, you can just about find some plan, which meets your needs and your budget. You have everything from the very expensive ones to the pay-as –you-go plans with very inexpensive phones and very reasonable. Some even have free phones with your plan. Now there’s no excuse for calling home when you are away.

Last Update: 7/27/2011
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