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Are you sure you want to fork over good, hard-earned money for this?

I recently presented a critical look at cell phone look up services. Here's another look at why you may want to think twice about paying for such services.

I tried entering my cell phone number at just to see what their system would tell me about it. I suppose I should not be surprised by the result. After I entered my cell phone number (yes, I was testing the service by looking myself up in it), I was taken to a page that said that the phone was owned by someone in Roanoke, Virginia. Well, at least they got the state right. Too bad the town I live in is more than 200 miles away.

To make matters worse, the "service" wanted $39.95 for a "full access report plus 1 year unlimited reverse phone lookups". I didn't want to waste the money, but it isn't hard to imagine the false information it would give me about...well, about me!

How could they make such a horrible mistake? It seems incredible. Yet, it's not so incredible if you take into account the fact that Roanoke and my town are both in the same area code. I suspect that their system couldn't find my number, so it assumed that it was geographically located in a town 200 miles away because...well...because it didn't have any better idea what to say! Roanoke could very easily be a "default choice" for the system when it can't find a particular phone number in my area code. After all, why bother to admit that you can't find the number when you have a perfectly willing victim at your site ready to fork over 40 bucks for some bad info?

The part I found the most amusing...and sad at the same that the system said my number was issued by "Picus Com LLC in Virginia". In reality, it came from Verizon.

So think twice before turning your cash over to cell phone look up con artists like these, because I'm telling you from experience that their information is unreliable!

Last Update: 8/1/2011
Web Author: Walt Thiessen

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