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ITP Mobile Powered By Ready Mobile

If you are looking for the best prepaid phone plan for you that has no required contract, no credit check, unlimited calling, unlimited text, and 50MB of monthly data for just $59.99 per month, you've come to the right place. ITP Wireless offers one of the most affordable prepaid plans in the industry on the Ready Mobile network.

They also offer an entry level plan with 500 anytime minutes per month, 500 text messages per month, and 10 MB data for just $29.99 per month. For those interested in something in between, ITP Mobile also offers a plan with 1000 anytime minutes per month, 1000 text messages per month, and 20 MB of data for just $39.99 per month.

Click here to visit ITP Mobile's website for more details.

The mobile revolution is taking over the world, as more and more people get online, text their friends, and spend time on their phones. Some say that that people spend too much time with their hand-held devices, but you can't convince the die-hard power users of that. Up until now, people with poor credit ratings have usually been excluded from this burgeoning society, but no longer! ITP Mobile not only has great service at great prices, but their coverage map is second to none.

The unlimited plan is great for a teenager who texts half their life away, and you won't get hit with huge overage charges because the calls and texting are both fully included.


Last Update: 7/24/2011
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