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An Overview

The amount spent annually on cell phone plans by some individuals is in the thousands, while others spend only a few hundreds of dollars. Choosing the type of handset to buy is as important as choosing the right cell phone plan. Finding the most affordable cell phone plan can save you a lot. Instead of paying for a certain amount monthly for postpaid cell phone service, the best phone plan to save money is the prepaid cell phone plan.

With postpaid services, the user enters into an agreement with the network operator for a long term billing contract, either monthly or yearly. With the prepaid plan, you only need to pay for minutes used. Prepaid cell phone, also called pay-as-you-talk or pay-as-you-go, is a service whereby a certain amount of credit is purchased for the service and charges are deducted base on the usage at the point of service .

Some of the advantages of prepaid phone plan are:

  1. Charges are deducted based on the minutes used.
  2. There is no need to enter into any form of agreement.
  3. There is no need for credit check or bank statement.
  4. You have the freedom and flexibility to change the service provider anytime.
  5. Dozens of prepaid service providers are available to choose from, both online and offline.
  6. You have absolute control over the number of minutes you pay for each month.

To use a prepaid phone plan, you need to select a prepaid service provider. You activate the plan and then buy a certain amount of calling time on it. You are then allowed to make calls until the calling time expires. Then you reload again before been allowed to use the service.

There are many prepaid plan to choose from both offline and online. Each of this prepaid service provider have their advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a service provider it is important to choose a plan that is in conformity with your personal needs and budget. If you make lots of long distance calls, then a plan that offers long distance service at the expense of others features is the best for you. On the other hand, if your contacts are within your area then a service provider with favorable local calling options might be the best for you.

Below are some steps to follow when searching for the best prepaid cell phone plans:

  • Do a little research on prepaid service provider websites and make comparisons with different plans offered by the provider. Also, search for similar plans offered by other providers. Look out for the pros and cons of these plans, and match them with your personal needs.
  • Look out for features you need. Do you need to make use of voice mail service? Do you need to send SMS or MMS frequently? Some providers offer free SMS and MMS, while some charge for them. Some providers have voice mail service as a value added service.
  • Many services have different ways of recharging. It is important to opt for a plan with easy access to recharging facilities. Some service provider offers online recharges and other options for recharging.
  • Choose a prepaid plan with lots of freebies. Some have free minutes, free SMS and many others.

Last Update: 8/17/2011
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