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Business Plans in California Business Calling Plans for California Customers
ECG Signup** Telrite Signup* PNG Signup
Interstate (State-to-state) 2.5¢ Click For Rates 5.9¢
Intrastate/Intralata (In-state) 3.9¢ Click For Rates 4.5¢
Calling Card 12.9¢ Click For Rates 12.9¢
Toll-Free Service Interstate (State-to-state) 2.5¢ Click For Rates 5.9¢
Toll-Free Service Intrastate/Intralata (In-state) 3.9¢ Click For Rates 4.5¢
Monthly Billing Fee $0 $0 $0
Avoid Monthly Fee By Spending At Least... $0 $0 $0

Billing Increments
6 Sec. billing saves about 10-15% off the cost of Full Minute billing on average (not calling card)

6 Sec. 6 Sec. 6 Sec.
Requires Switching Long Distance Carrier Yes Yes Yes
Covers Local Fee For Switching Long Distance Carrier? If Large Account Usually No No
Monthly PIC-C Fee (One Line) $0 $0 $0
Monthly PIC-C Fee (For Multiple Lines) $3.50 $4.37 $4.31
Details/Notes ECG Details Telrite Details PNG Details
Signup ECG Signup Telrite Signup PNG Signup
Questions? ECG Questions Telrite Questions PNG Questions

* Telrite - Prices quoted are for most customers of Bell South, Qwest, SBC, and Verizon. Click Here and enter your phone number to see what rates are available in your area.

** ECG - You can get these rates with no monthly billing fee if you choose ECG's Easy Pay and Easy Bill options.

What's So Great About the Golden State?

If you haven't heard it by now, California is a great place to do business. In fact, many of the leading companies today-- Apple, Google, and Facebook were started in the Golden State. Apple started in the garages of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack. Google started in Silicon Valley. Hey, while we're at it, it's best to mention Yahoo, Adobe Systems, Ebay, Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard: all are stationed in California. You get the idea.

So many successful businesses were planted on California's soil, it's become a thriving garden of businesses, both large and small. It's a breeding place for technological modernity. Small businesses owners from all over the globe are trekking to California. Why wouldn't they?

There's the great weather, the awesome beaches, an intelligent workforce, good structures to connect with companies across the world (with excellent (including excellent business long distance plans to talk with other businesses.) Very few who park their businesses in the state actually leave. In fact, those who move here very rarely want to go back to where they're from. Why would they? With the laidback but busy atmosphere, the wonderful beaches, and the vibrant culture, most find no reason to leave.

A little background on the Golden State

California, with a populace of 37,253,956, is America's most populated state. If it was a country, the population would be ranked 35th in the world. That should say something for its size. In terms of area, it's ranked third in the US, at an incredible 166, 696 square miles. It's divided into four regions: the coastal region (the Pacific Coast in the west), to the mountainous regions (the Sierra Nevada mountains are quite prominent), the Mojave Desert, and the Central Valley, where agriculture is concentrated.

California is home to some of the world most spectacular cities. It is the home of Los Angeles. L.A, which is often dubbed "The City of Angels," has a population of over 10 million (take that, New York.) There is Sacramento, the capital. Also, there is San Diego, which is much smaller than Los Angeles and has a populace of over 3 million people (the city still has its laidback charm). Another prominent area is the San Francisco Bay which, if you're observant includes the city of San Francisco. Also home to the Bay area is Silicon Valley, which is where a multitude of awesome companies are stationed (including the ones I mentioned.) The state is home to some of the finest universities in the world (Stanford, UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA.) This factoid should succinctly display the awesomeness that is California: if the state was a separate nation, it would be the eighth-largest economy in the world.

Living and Doing Business in California

If the amount of businesses that are established in California doesn't persuade you to bring your business to the state, there are other awesome benefits.

  • The Weather: You will need to stock up on shorts and sandals.
  • A vibrant culture: Seriously, California is a thriving hub of cultures, people Tons of great locations: speaks for itself
  • Intelligent Workforce: It's not surprising that workers are intelligent in Cali. The amount of great universities is an excellent indicator of this.
  • Ability to communicate with others long distance: This may seem small, but if you need to communicate with someone in China or India, there are great, cheap business long distance plans. So, if you are conflicted about moving to California because you still need to talk to others long distance, this is for you. Take advantage of this.

It's Golden for a Reason

If your appetite is whetted for a wonderful place to do business and live, go to California. What's stopping you?

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