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Unfortunately, we are no longer offering Acceris services.


Prior to its official launch in November 2003, Acceris Communications was known as I-Link Incorporated. I-Link Incorporated, founded in 1994, began as an ISP with a business model based equally on network access and value-added services. I-Link soon identified Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a more promising environment for enhanced service delivery and began designing and building an IP network with the strict latency and packet loss tolerances required for high quality voice transmission. I-Link began offering services over a mixed IP and circuit switched network in 1997, and in 1999 launched the first true “switchless” IP network, in which all core operating functions were software driven.

Concurrent with its network development, I-Link began offering a blend of innovative communications services that utilized the inherent cost advantages of its nationwide IP-based network. To compliment these enhanced services, I-Link also developed an open API tool kit to allow developers to create their own solutions deliverable via a VoIP network at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.


n June 2001, I-Link acquired selected assets of WorldxChange Communications Inc. creating WorldxChange Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary. WorldxChange focused on delivering domestic and international long distance services. As a result of the acquisition, I-Link gained a nationwide Feature Group D (FGD) network, 11 Siemens switches, carrier relationships and 300,000 residential and small business customers.


In December 2002, I-Link acquired selected assets of RSL COM USA Inc., a provider of voice and data communications solutions. RSL COM USA Inc. began more than 30 years ago as Westinghouse Communications, a division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Westinghouse Communications built a rich history of superior customer care through providing complex communications services and strong technical and engineering expertise for Westinghouse, commercial customers and multi-location businesses. With the purchase of RSL COM USA, I-Link gained a nationwide data network, comprised of 23 Nortel switches, a referencable Enterprise customer base as well as an established commercial agent sales channel.

Transpoint Communications

In July 2003, I-Link acquired Transpoint Communications, a switchless reseller of voice and data services. With this acquisition, I-Link gained additional customers and further penetration into the commercial agent channel.

Capitalizing on Industry Opportunities

Acceris Communications has successfully amalgamated its acquisitions into one integrated organization.

As part of the strategy to build the company into a profitable and cash flow positive operation, Acceris has consolidated its high quality communications networks and customer bases and restructured into a business that leverages its infrastructure across branded sales channels.

Today Acceris is headquartered in San Diego, California and has offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Somerset, New Jersey.

Acceris Communications Inc. is 91% owned by Counsel Corporation (TSX:CXS/OTCBB:CXSN.OB), which is based in Toronto, Canada.

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