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ACC Business

As a division of AT&T, ACC Business gives your customers access to the most advanced, sophisticated reliable communications service in the world. We use the AT&T Worldwide Intelligent Network - consistently enhanced, upgraded and monitored to be the most advanced, reliable communications network in the world.


ACC Business is a division of AT&T, a premium telecommunications carrier. Our affiliated company, ACC Telecom, was a regional long distance carrier founded in 1982 in Rochester, NY. 

In 1998, ACC Telecom was acquired by AT&T as part of its purchase of TCG. Although the operations of other units of ACC Telecom were incorporated into AT&Tís existing business units or sold, the operations of the business sector of ACC Telecom were incorporated into the new ACC Business division of AT&T. ACC Business was established to continue to serve the needs of small to mid-sized businesses in the ACC Telecom tradition.


ACC Business offers a range of basic communications services designed to give agents maximum flexibility in building solutions for customers. Our service portfolio includes:
∑ Managed Internet Services (MIS)
∑ Private Line
∑ DSL service.
∑ Dedicated voice services: long distance, local toll, international, toll-free, advanced features and local (where available). 
- featuring 6/6 timing and precise 4th decimal point billing.
- one and two-year terms with varying usage commitments.
∑ Switched voice services: long distance, local toll, international, toll-free, calling card, and local (where available). 
- Month-to-month and 12-month terms with varying usage commitment levels.
∑ Flexible billing options, including corporate billing, verified and non-verified account codes, CD billing and customized reports.


ACC Business services utilize the AT&T Worldwide Intelligent Network -- the most advanced, reliable communications network in the world. The AT&T network is 100 percent digital for all switched traffic and currently includes nearly 3 billion circuit miles of transmission facilities. The domestic network uses 136 high-capacity switches to automatically route calls to their destinations. Within the continental United States, the AT&T network includes nearly 41,000 route miles of fiber-optic cable, which carries 97% of all domestic traffic. The network is constantly enhanced, upgraded, and monitored for excellence.

Call Walt Thiessen at 1-540-428-2787 to get customized quotes for your company.

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