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PaeTec Communications, Inc. is an integrated communications provider (ICP) delivering a complete range of communications services to businesses throughout the United States. We offer not only core voice and data services, but an expanding suite of programs and network operations services.

PaeTec is a young company, assembled from the most experienced people in the industry. As a result, we offer the best of both worlds: state-of-the-art technology and the latest ideas, combined with the problem-solving skills and expertise to make it all work. We invest time and money to train our entire organization in the quality processes that result in extraordinary customer satisfaction. From the dedicated account team assigned to your business to the back-office technicians you never see, we've set the bar for customer service as high as it can be. We're proud of our ISO 9002 certification: it's a quality standard recognized worldwide. Prompt response by people dedicated to exceeding your expectations: that's the PaeTec way.

Current, cost-effective, comprehensive

Working in concert with players such as Lucent Technologies, Cisco Systems, EMC and Oracle, PaeTec has created a system that seamlessly integrates new technologies. Combining voice and data services, including Internet services, over one network that spans the country. And to make sure everything runs smoothly, our network operations center monitors all customer circuits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As advances in technology and deregulation change the face of the telecommunications industry, the price for communications services is dropping each year. But there's more to value than cost-per-minute. Bundling voice and data services can generate efficiencies that benefit your entire organization. A single access line, a single point of contact and a single bill that's clear and concise: it's a structure that saves you time, money and hassle.

Our product and service portfolio

Local Business Lines

Analog access lines provide local dialtone for your traditional business lines, key system, fax or modem lines at substantial discounts. Enjoy additional savings on local measured service, and options of flat rate local service, as well as custom calling features such as call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID. Bundle your local and long distance services, along with your Internet needs, on a single access line.

DOD Trunks

Provided on an analog or digital basis, PaeTec's DOD trunks carry outbound calls from your PBX to anywhere in the world. They can also carry outgoing calls to the interexchange carrier of your choice. Our competitive pricing, coupled with discounted rates on local measured service, provide you with exceptional savings.

DID Trunks

Provided on an analog or digital basis, PaeTec's DID trunks carry incoming calls directly to your PBX for routing to the intended recipient. Individual numbers for each employee's telephone eliminate the need for switchboard intervention.

High-speed Internet access

Get dedicated TI access to a national Internet backbone for a flat monthly charge. If you wish, we can provide Web-based utilization reports to track online time. We can also provide 64K to 6.0 Mb of guaranteed bandwidth (monthly charge varies by access speed). With PaeTec, you enjoy Direct High Bandwidth Access to the MAE sites, utilizing a premier Internet service with guaranteed bandwidth.

DSL Services

Get the fast, reliable, always on benefits of Digital Subscriber Line technology. DSL provides a low cost access medium to serve our customers’ small branch and home offices with data solutions for internet access and virtual private networks. It gives businesses of all sizes lightning- fast Internet connections to corporate networks for telecommuters. With Paetec's DSL Service you get high upload and download speeds, without security worries.

Web hosting

PaeTec offers web hosting packages that meet your technological and financial needs. Our web hosting platform is truly state-of-the-art, built with speed, flexibility, security and ease of use in mind. Web hosting is another product in our robust bundle of communications and technology services, where our customers save money and benefit from one relationship.


PaeTec offers eCommerce services that are tailored to your eBusiness goals. Our eCommerce services are technologically rich, developed by experts and are scaleable to meet the needs of any size organization. Our professional staff works closely with you to understand your needs, create a solution and drive your eBusiness success.

Call Walt Thiessen at 1-540-428-2787 to get customized quotes for your company.

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