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Internapís high-performance connectivity brings certainty to business communications. The internet is now a springboard for demanding applications.

The speed and efficiency requirements of business are driving the need for mission critical and demanding applications to be run over the Internet. With todayís broadband resources, this move has become a reality. Yet thereís a feeling out there that the Internet does not offer the required level of reliability and performance that private networks currently deliver. Internap has found a way to optimize todayís Internet so that it delivers a higher level of redundancy, availability and control needed to meet these new application demands.

The Internap-enabled network brings predictability to your employees and suppliers by improving delivery of business critical applications and data without fault or delay, brings enjoyment and satisfaction to your customersí experience with your business and your brand, and brings communication to your entire business with the promise of real-time collaboration. Itís the Internet, but in its full glory of efficiency and productivity. With Internap as the foundation, you can help your business span protocols and continents with greater profitability.

Internap turns your network and applications into ROI machines. Internapís high-performance connectivity leverages the strengths of the Internet by harnessing its ubiquity and open platform. By enabling business applications and communications, companies can increase productivity, generate greater revenue, decrease costs and improve customer relationships.

Redundancy, control and availability: the three building blocks in ternap brings to the internet

We have created an Overlay Network that optimizes the current Internet infrastructure. First by forging cooperative agreements with all the major backbone providers, we offer Internet connectivity with more redundancy than ever before. Then by deploying patented technology that scours the backbones looking for issues, we know where the problems existĖ typically before anyone else does Ė then we route your data around problem areas. This combination creates efficient on-ramps onto the Internet by circumventing inefficiencies and using the IP backbones for what they do best: providing the lines of communication around the globe.

Internap connectivity is unlike anything A single backbone provider can offer

Our agreements with the major backbone providers allow us to offer the broadest SLA in the IP connectivity industry. These agreements span multiple networks as well as give us access to the majority of the inner workings of the Internet. With this access, the BGP engineers in our Network Operation Centers (NOC) can see traffic activity across the entire Internet in real time. We can re-route data as needed, or call a backbone provider if their performance isnít meeting specified levels. The people in our NOC have the knowledge, coupled with sophisticated tools, to effect change within the Internetís infrastructure, all on behalf of your data.

Raising the bar in customer service

When your backbone goes down, so does your network access, along with your VPN, Voice over IP, and the videoconference you scheduled for 3:15 p.m. sharp. With Internap, the scenario plays out a little differently. First, we offer proactive notification. Secondly, engineers in our NOC are alerted to problems with the broken backbone, and can alter you dataís route accordingly. Finally, if necessary, we provide proactive service credits. Your VPN keeps on working, voices travel over IP, and that important videoconference takes place as scheduled. Your technology investment rewards you every minute of the day.

Call Walt Thiessen at 1-540-428-2787 to get customized quotes for your company.

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